Business concept, Goals & Vision

Our business concept

Nordic Leisure aims to develop its investments through active ownership and thereby contribute to value growth in them. Investments are to be made in the gaming and media sectors, in markets where the company believes it has knowledge about conditions and prerequisites.

Through Board positions and active measures, we seek to work for continuous improvements in the companies.

Through our network, know-how and financial strength, we strive to develop our companies and make them stable.

Our cash flow should enable us to support our holdings, make use of investment opportunities and pay dividends to our shareholders.

Our vision

To be a leading operator in iGaming - online gaming - in regulated markets. We can achieve this by providing our customers the fastest, safest and most entertaining gaming experiences.

To be a leading traffic generator in the media sector. Within iGaming to licensed operators in regulated markets, but also to be an actor in markets other than gaming.

How we become a leading actor

Through hyper-modern functionality, attractive product portfolios and focus on entertainment, we will deliver the best customer experience in iGaming.

In the media segment, by pushing the most attractive products combined with well-developed collaboration with our partners.

And to always and in every context live up to our motto: Business To Make Friends - Service To Keep Them!


To create organic growth based on technical development and active marketing.

To thereby create leading iGaming brands.

To develop and push attractive leading products for iGaming leads.

To develop our business through acquisitions in both new and existing markets.