A business focusing on the gaming market

Nordic Leisure owns and manages companies in the gaming and media sectors, and has three business areas:

  • iGaming (online gaming)
  • Media (affiliation primarily within online gaming)
  • Solutions (B2B)

The corporate group has offices and subsidiaries with operations in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Spain and Sweden.

The operating activities in iGaming are consolidated in the wholly owned subsidiary group Lifland Gaming Group whose offices are located in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Marbella and Malta.

Lifland Gaming

The Media business area is consolidated within four wholly owned subsidiary groups, Kama Net, Future Lead Generation, Score24 and Comskill Media Group. About ten people work in Media from offices in Tallinn and Stockholm.


Nordic Leisure Group

The corporate group employs around 180 people with more than ten different nationalities. The majority of the employees work out of the corporate group's offices in Tallinn, Riga and Malta.

Business concept

Nordic Leisure aims to develop its investments through active ownership and thereby contribute to value growth in them. Investments are to be made in the gaming and media sectors, in markets where the company believes it has knowledge about conditions and prerequisites. Through Board positions and active measures, we seek to work for continuous improvements in the companies we have invested in. Through our network, know-how and financial strength, we strive to develop our companies and make them stable. Our cash flow should enable us to support our holdings, make use of investment opportunities and pay dividends to our shareholders.