Remuneration of the CEO, Board and incentive programmes

Remuneration of the board

Annual Board fees are payable in accordance with a resolution at the 2016 AGM in an amount of SEK 125,000 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 75,000 to each Board member. No Board fees are paid to an elected Board member who simultaneously holds the role as the CEO.

Remuneration of the CEO

The CEO receives a monthly salary of EUR 19,000 per month.

Incentive programmes

Nordic Leisure AB currently has an outstanding incentive program, named TO5-2021

On May 18, 2018, the Annual General Meeting of NLAB resolved to issue a directed issue of no more than 1,800,000 warrants, distributed to key persons within the Group. The subscription price amounts to SEK 30.25 per share and the option premium to SEK 4.31 per option as measured by the so-called Black & Scholes model, by the audit company PwC.

Stock subscription can take place no earlier than 2021-06-08 and no later than 2021-12-31.