Share capital in Nordic Leisure AB totals SEK 12,522,076.20 allocated to 62,610,381 shares in a single series.

Par value of all shares is SEK 0.20, and each carries a single vote and an equal right to shares in the company’s assets and profit.

The ten largest shareholders are listed below. This listing is based on data from Euroclear whereby custodial managers may be listed instead of the beneficial owners. The list is supplemented with data regarding holdings provided to the company by individual shareholders.

The free float of shares in the company is approximately 65%. This represents the portion of shares in the company that are in the hands of public investors and can be freely traded. Therefore, the following types of holdings are not included: 1) Insider owners – employees and members of the board of directors; 2) Single owners whose holdings are 10% or more of the total; 3) Both private and institutional holdings that are considered strategic.

The company has approximately 4,000 shareholders.

The 10 largest shareholders in the company as of 2017-06-30

NameCapital & Votes
Nordea Bank Sverige25.8%
Erlinghundra AB22.1%
Humle Kapitalförvaltning4.8%
Anders Tangen with company4.7%
Vision Invest AB3.9%
Hans Isoz2.9%
Michael Pettersson with company2.9%
Claes Hallén with company2.7%
K&M Pettersson2.7%
Filip Andersson1.9%